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Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson, the plant economist, has extensive experience in the preparation of accounting in the company, is engaged in document circulation, preparation and sending of accounting and tax reports to regulators, a specialist in the preparation of training programs, an online consultant on issues of finance, accounting, and reporting. Email:, Phone: 484-995-5921

Accounting Cycle Steps Explained

Debits are used to indicate money spent and credits are used for money that is received. Is to keep track of the full accounting cycle from start to finish. The cycle repeats itself every fiscal year as long as a company remains in business. Reconcil... Read more

Controllers Career Guide

(Private company CFOs make 45% less than those at public companies.) Tack on benefits and bonus and you can expect to pay $225,000 to $275,000 depending on business size. Champions of controllership find ways to innovate, automate, and scale accounti... Read more

What Is Accounts Payable?

The account Notes Payable is a liability account in which a borrower's written promise to pay a lender is recorded. (The lender record's the borrower's written promise in Notes Receivable.) Generally, the written note specifies the principal amount, ... Read more

5 Key Accounting Assumptions

Some companies that operate on a global scale may be able to report their financial statements using IFRS. The SEC regulates the financial reporting of companies selling their shares in the United States, whether US GAAP or IFRS are used. The basics ... Read more

S Corporations And Partnerships

To qualify, tax return must be paid for and filed during this period. Visit to find the nearest participating office or to make an appointment.An S corporation has to adopt corporate bylaws, hold annual meetings, and keep minutes ... Read more

Marketing For Accountants

These details belong to the billpayer and ideally should be made available as a matter of routine. The structure of this accounting process can only operate as designed when a full complement of information is submitted to the advertiser. At this poi... Read more