Accounting Tips and Guides

Deferred Revenue

The GAAP balance sheet indicates that the company has assets of about $1 million, of which approximately two-thirds have been contributed by creditors and the balance by owners. Plant and equipment make up approximately fifty percent of the assets, a... Read more

How To Calculate Your Business Valuation

Execution of the business process is proven, and comparisons are easier because of available financial information. When you add in the impact of technology , it becomes quite complex to come to a definitive equation. It's an important question for a... Read more

Liquidity In Small Business

Otherwise, an investor might have to calculate it themselves, using the info reported on a company's financial statements or in its annual report. With individuals, figuring liquidity is a matter of comparing their debts to the amount of cash they ha... Read more

Startup Burn Rate Calculator

Mark Suster suspects that most startups will spend any VC money within 12 – 18 months of investment. Burn rate will vary significantly depending on company stage, pricing model, and industry.... Read more

How To Create A Small Business Budget

However, to manage a flexible budget, you’ll need a good grasp on the relationship between your revenue and spending. And don’t forget to set aside time to keep your budget up to date, as it’s more labor-intensive than a static budg... Read more

Accounting Invoice Template

In other words, an invoice is issued to receive money firmly. Therefore, the invoice has a fixed retention period to prove the transaction, and the invoice may be a piece of evidence if payment is not made. Hourly pricing is most common, with rates d... Read more

What Is A Balance Sheet?

For investors, the vertical format is the easiest to read because it lists the results of multiple periods in columns next to each other. Here’s a breakdown of those terms as well as valuable tips, resources, and examples to help you create a s... Read more